Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mony Bunni- Take it to the street

My topic for the "Take It To The Street" project was conflict diamonds. Like most people I was unaware of this topic until the movie "Blood Diamond" in 2006. After I saw the movie I started researching blood diamonds and was disgusted with what I found. I couldn't believe that these diamonds were funding this much destruction. Of course I was 18 at the time and was no where near needing to think about diamonds. Now that I'm 22 and more and more of my friends are starting to get engaged the topic has been coming up more. Almost every woman I know wants a huge diamond engagement ring but all I keep thinking is that a children in Sierra Leone are literally dying for them. In the 90s over 15% of all diamonds being sold were conflict diamonds. Now the percentage is a lot less, but the fact that any are being sold at all is appalling. I originally wanted to spray paint a bed sheet with a stencil of a child with a machine gun but after the feed back I got last class I decided against that. I decided to then do a poster that was a riff on the typical diamond ads you see and post it around Jeweler's Row.

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