Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Steampunk Bucks

Here's the gist: If a "Steampunk Era" ever happened, currency would definitely be required. Rightfully so, the main pioneers of technology would have to be honored on these bills. The currency is and will be for the remaining bills with values in Scientific Notation only because it just feels accurate for the period. This is the first bill in honor of "The Cogmaster". All three of the bills for my project will depict the most respected people of the Steampunk Era:

-Cogmaster Corduroy McAllister: The Inventor of high quality cogs for the populace.

-Steamstress Molly Dorsteshire: The Pioneer of Steam, Piston, and Hydraulic Technology.

-Siegfreed the Tinkerer: The original creator and master of Steampunk Robotics.

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