Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cut down on Light Pollution

   When im walking to the train station after my night classes I tend to look up alot, at the buildings , the pigeons, avoiding contact with other human beings. One night I felt something was missing, a couple years back i went hiking in New Mexico and i remember at night you could see the milky way and shooting stars almost every second. Its a site alot of people do not have the luxury of ever seeing in their entire life because we insist on illuminating our environment even when its not needed.

   What i propose to do to inform people of the wondrous site they are missing every time the sun goes down, I want to make a sort of interactive sculpture by creating "Homeless Stars". They can be hung up or hung over objects around bright light sources. They will be cut out of cardboard and illustrated on using sharpie marker and white paint and strung together with twine. On the front, a very disgruntled face, a depressed expression, or lonely eyes. On the back will be what the "Homeless Star" is saying and a website to find out more about light pollution, for this i will be using www.darksky.org

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