Thursday, October 14, 2010

Honey Bees

The informational link I'm including with my stencil is

like I said in class, I'm planning on putting this stencil around the city or even around my town. if I get approval, I'd like to put it outside of stores that sell honey like grocery stores, or even just more specialty stores.

as for using the stencil, I'm thinking of different ways to create a removable, but still effective graphic. I've found spray chalk online, which I think I'm going to hunt down, and I was also considering filling the stencil with colored sugar or flour, which can be easily swept up if anyone has any concerns. for buildings, I would probably just spray the graphic onto paper to stick up, and leave the more messy materials for the ground.

The reason I chose this issue to address was because I don't really have any sort of causes that I'm passionate about, but I always felt bad for the honeybees that were dying from colony collapse disorder, so I just made that my cause.

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