Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gun Violence


In 2008 there were 16,272 murders in the united states, 67% were committed with firearms. Gun control is a huge issue in the United States. Especially between Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles. In Chicago the gun ban has not effected the murder rate or gun violent rate significantly. It dropped in 2008 17% but then raised again the following year.

To make the public more aware, and hopefully take action by calling the police or reporting violence my goal is to create installation art within a public space. To do this I will simulate crime scenes that subject the viewer to information about the violence not only in our city but in our country.

The crime scenes will be displayed in a series of different scenarios.

Scenario #1: A chalk outline typical for a crime scene. Placed caution tape around to draw attention to the scene. An informational stencil will be sprayed down near the crime scene, somewhat similar to the style or medium of the body outline. The viewer subject to the scene will want to pick up the card out of curiosity of what they are viewing.

Scenario #2: A blood trail leading someone away for the initial spotting into an uncomfortable area, within this ally the trail will end leaving a wallet or informational card.

There are two objectives to this installation project within a public space. The idea is that it will raise awareness to the public, but the side project would be to see how many people react to the installation. How many people follow the potential crime to the visual reward? How many people call the police? How many people don't do anything but just walk away? It is as much a public study as an art project.

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