Monday, October 18, 2010

Home sweet home

My project of taking it to the streets will look at the current state of the housing and real-estate crash. I will scout out foreclosed homes and place signage with the words “home sweet home” or another home themed message. I want these common expression of home to be placed in the current state of foreclosures to draw attention to ideas of how our economy was able to destroy so much.

The idea of home and its welcoming message comments that at the time of the housing bubble, many of these homes were built not for sustainability but for profit and many times bought with out the proper credit. These actions almost go against the notion of home sweet home.

The signage that I plan to post will be bold and graphical, it will contain the same characteristics of most foreclosure signs with big bold letters and minimal color, I plan to add a graphic logo as a way to brand my projects together.

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