Friday, October 15, 2010

Take it to the Street: Chicago Bird Collisions during Migration Season

John Gregg

ISSUE: Thousands of birds are killed or injured every year as they fly through the Chicago area.
Most collisions occur when birds are distracted by lights or reflections in high rise buildings.

IDEA: I want to raise awareness to this as well as inform people as to what actions to take if they've found a bird which as been injured or killed.

FORM: I have contacted the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors to get specific data on on birds which have been removed or rescued by them. I plan to make cards, 3x5" which will include a rendering of the bird, it's name and date that it was found. I will include information about the species as well as their migratory habits. There will be a short description of the CBCM and how to contact them.

The cards may be sealed in plastic, possibly laminated with a hole punch in one corner. I will attach the cards to existing structure such as posts with large rubber bands on the sight where the birds were found. Some cards may be taped directly to the sidewalk on the sight. I may employ other methods of securing the cards dependent on the location.

Finders have a choice to leave the cards in place or to carry them away to have a record of the bird, the event and CBCM's information.

A rough example is below:

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